sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2015

Hi! Visti Melissa's Inventory is my blog now ;D

Hello everyone!
This blog is shared between four people, but by RL reasons they stopped playing second life and consequently stop to update the blog.

So I decided to set up my own blog where I will continue my posts

Please click here to visit Melissa's Inventory :)

quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2014

Gacha Resale #01

Hello everyone, I am selling some gachas products if you interest please click here
PS. when some of these items end up, I'll put other items from different gachas to sell

click on the images to enlarge

1-Secret Cow Lady(Hat+Mittens). 1-Fox Mittens. 1-Octopus Mittens. 1-Cow Mittens. 1-Raccoon Hat. 1-Deer Hat.

1-Cocoa. 2-Midnight. 1-Dust

1-Jacques Le Scuba RARE. 1-Sergey the Good. 1-Emily the Bad. 3-Norma the Grumpy. 1-Zorg the Thinker. 4-Cece the Party Diva. 2-Hamburg von Frekkle. 4-Marco the Great Explorer. 1-Belle d'Amour. 2-Daisy The Ant Listener. 7-Norbert the Eater. 1-Gladys the Blue.

3-Cream. 4-Cotton. 2-Blubblegum. 5-Lavender. 1-Blueberry. 4-Mint. 3-Vintage Floral RARE

1-Travel Cage Black RARE. 2-Travel Cage Pink. 1.Travel Cage Mint. 2-Travel Cage Purple. 9-Ball Blue. 4-Hungry Peanut. 2-Dancy Peanut. 3-Dancy cream. 2-Sleepy Honey. 2-Cream Cage. 2-Cyan Cage.

1- RARE War. 2-Cheetah. 2-Black Cement. 1-Volt

quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2014

#10 - Snow flavor

#10 - Snow flavor 

Hello everyone, this morning I went for a walk through the neighborhood
Olá a todos, esta manhã, eu fui para uma caminhada pelo bairro

#10 - Snow flavor 

I hiked with my new set of owl hat and mittens
Fui passear com meu novo conjunto de chapéu coruja

#10 - Snow flavor

this is so cute and warm, I'm in love
ele é tão bonito e quente, eu estou apaixonado

❤ Mel 
Hat, Mittens and Scarf - ~* Larnia Kids *~ pink owl hat set EDITED 
(is made to regular kids av, if you do not have a script to resize can be tricky to decrease it/
é feito para as crianças regulares av se você não tem um script para redimensionar pode ser complicado para diminuí-la)
Hair - (fd) Jupiter Bun - Blonde 
Jacket and Leggings - . tiptoes - Chilly Day Out - White
Boots - FLite. A-Solo Snow Boots Pink @TheArcade
Pose, Tongue and Snowflakes - .click. First Snow

segunda-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2014

#09 - Taking care of my little baby

#09 - Taking care of my little baby

Hello sweeties, I just got out of school and today was a day of face painting
Olá docinhos, acabei de sair da escolinha e hoje foi dia de pinturas faciais 

#09 - Taking care of my little baby

I got home and I'll now play house with my new little baby
cheguei em casa e agora vou brincar de casinha com meu novo bebêzinho

#09 - Taking care of my little baby

he is so cute *u*
ele é tão fofinho *u*

❤ Mel 
Hair - ""D!va"" Hair "Tomoko2" (Type A)(Moon stone)
Skin - {LD} - Ava Skin Mesh Head Puppy Face
Pig Baby - Schadenfreude Piggie Wiggie Baby RARE @The Arcade
Nail - :*BABY*: TD Nails - Happy Shine
Bracelet - PdG - Baby Braceletes 7 Colors - White - [only 25L$]
Dress - CCC Margo - Toddleedoo Only!
Sandal - jk: baby jesus platform sandals - bubblegum

In background
Chair - Intrigue Co. - Polar Bear Chair
Fridge - NACH Fairy Dreams Mini Fridge
Frames - NACH Dream Garden Art Frames

sexta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2014

#08 - Sweet cupcake

#08 - Sweet cupcake

Hello babies,
Today is Friday, day of packing my suitcase and go spend the weekend at Grandma's house:3
Olá bebês, 
hoje é sexta-feira dia de arrumar a mala e ir passar o final de semana na casa da vovó :3

#08 - Sweet cupcake#08 - Sweet cupcake

I took my beautiful little hat of cupcake
Peguei meu lindo chapeuzinho de cupcake

e minhas luvinhas de cupcake também
and my mitts of cupcake also

And let's go!! Yeepee

#08 - Sweet cupcake

❤ Mel 
Hair - :: Miss Canning:: [Marcella Hair] Copper Blonde - [Free Group Gift]
Hat and Mittens - Noodles - Cupcake Hat & Mittens Pink
Skin - {LD} - Ava Skin Mesh Head
Coat - .Des Lunes. // Faux Fur Coat in Noir
Shirt - Basic Shirt of ToddleeDoo Body Control Hud! (you can found in the underwear button)
Leggings - Turducken ToddleeDoo - Floral Leggings - White
Boots - - Cutie.Wellies (Bubblegum) @The Kawaii Project
Suitcase - NACH Funky Trunk Cow [Kid] - Gacha

quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2014

#07 - Beautiful snowy morning

#07 - Beautiful snowy morning

Hello beautiful!
Today I woke up in the mood to walk, but guess what ... It was snowing !! Then i put on a warm clothes, grabbed my umbrella and go out for walk.
Olá lindinhos!
 hoje eu acordei com vontade de caminhar mas, adivinhem... Estava nevando !! Então vesti uma roupa bem quentinha, peguei meu guarda-chuva e sai para a caminhada.

#07 - Beautiful snowy morning

And Of course I could not leave behind my delicious hot chocolate in my cutest baby mug *u*
E Claro que eu não poderia deixar para trás o meu delicioso chocolate quente na minha mais fofa caneca bebê *u*

#07 - Beautiful snowy morning

Hmmmm delicious!

❤ Mel 
Umbrella - **Cute Bytes** My Snowy Umbrella-BlackBear *SPECIAL
Hair - .ploom. Leela - Blondes
Mesh Head - **Cute Bytes** Baby Mesh Head #2 - BOOBOO @Hello Beautiful
Ears - **Cute Bytes** Bubbly Pierced ElvenEars
Skin - {LD} - Ava Skin Mesh Head
Glasses - [UMEBOSHI] Castor Glasses -Black- [Only 10L$]
Mouth Panda - [Freya] Prez MouthPanda [Free] @marketplace
Jacket - [SKTD] TD BABY Manako Winter Jacket Turtleneck MESH [Free] @marketplace
Bracelet - **Cute Bytes** My PearLet Bracelet - [Gacha only 5L$]
Mug - *MishMish* Clay Family - Coffee Mug
Pants - **Cute Byte** Kool Jeans
Shoes - {Little Pixels} Patent shoes Black @marketplace
Elephant Pet - *MishMish* An Elephant - Rose
Pose - made by me

quarta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2014

#06 - I can explain...

#06 - I can explain...

❤ Mel 
Headband - .ploom. Animal Headband - Deer
Mesh Head - **Cute Bytes** Baby Mesh Head #2 - BOOBOO @Hello Beautiful
Ears - **Cute Bytes** Bubbly Pierced ElvenEars
Skin - Coming Soon
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Suki Mesh Hair - @xiasumi school festival
Glasses - .tsg. Shy Megane - Gold
Necklace - -{ Neverwas }- Hangin Helper Necklace Special Edition - T (c)
Outfit - {Touch of Grace} - Santa I Can Explain
Cane Heart+Pose - .Forget Me Not. Candy Cane Heart